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5 reasons to study English online with Filipino tutors

Jigglish is an agency that connects you to Filipino English tutors. All Jigglish tutors are reliable and experienced teachers with a professional attitude. They will adapt their courses to your individual needs.

Jigglish tutors offer many different courses for all purposes and abilities.

Studying English is challenging and requires motivation, but it is also fun and very rewarding. Jigglish tutors love teaching and will give you 100% support and encouragement.







Why learn English online?

Studying online is very flexible and gives you a lot of practice speaking directly to a tutor. Lessons are focused on your needs and learning style. You can meet other students from all around the world.

Why study with Filipino tutors?

Filipinos speak very clear English and have a friendly character. They will always encourage you and build your confidence. Your lessons will be fun and interesting. You will enjoy studying English.

Why use Jigglish services?

I have taught English for over 7 years and understand students needs and tutors roles. Jigglish connects students who have a true desire to learn English with tutors who are motivated to teach English well. With my experience I will provide a high quality service to both students and tutors.

How to use Jigglish services

Search the courses and tutors section on Jigglish website. Contact me regarding any courses you are interested in studying. I will arrange the schedule and connect you with the tutor. You will make payment to me and I will transfer the payment to the tutor.

Jigglish guarantee

In the case of any difference of opinion or disagreement between yourself and the tutor. I will mediate the situation and find a suitable solution for both you and the tutor.

If you are still not satisfied then a refund will be sent to you for the remaining lessons that you have not used.

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